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Why Weigh Your Coffee

From beans-to-brew your barista is weighing the entire process for the sake of your drink tasting the same every single time you walk through the door. Consistency in any industry is key and in coffee it couldn't be more important. Widely talked about in the barista world, and as many home baristas start to dial in their recipes, the question will often come up of weight versus volume.

Let's say they have used 17g of grinds and are pulling a 2oz shot, but something is off in the profile? The barista may start investigating using a 1:2 weight ratio for the recipe, and dialing in their espresso shot from that starting point. In the coffee world, the widely accepted answer is that using the weight of the output, in grams, versus ounces, yields more accurate and consistent results.

The volume of a pulled shot can very for many reasons, but the biggest variable is the crema. There are many factors that produce different amounts of crema in a pulled shot. Some of the factors include the origin, specific blend, freshness, and amount of time it has sat in the cup are all elements that can produce more or less crema in the shot. The crema will cause more disparity in measurement when using volume, however the weight will stay consistent.

A 1:2 ratio is a great starting point, or 17g of grinds to 34g of espresso pulled. However recipes vary widely and depend on the coffee and preferences of the barista. Some recipes can vary as much as 1:1-2:2, depending on the roast and the drink.


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