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Linea Mini Review

The linea Mini is a compact version of the popular, well-known, classic Linea. If you don’t recognize the name, than you don’t know espresso!

This miniature beauty is available in 3 bold colors - red, white, black, and of course stainless steel. The simplicity of this machine makes it not only a breeze to use, but to maintain for years to come. Although the brew paddle resembles that of the GS/3 MP don’t be fooled, you cannot play around with the pre-infusion. La Marzocco has it pre programmed for you, eliminating inconsistency in your shots. The steamer on this workhorse is unbelievable! You can steam 8 oz. of milk in the blink of an eye. Be careful, because if you’re not use to this kind of steam power you can burn your hand on the pitcher (GUILTY!)

Check out how beautifully the Linea Mini pairs with the matching Fiorenzato F4!


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