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How-To Make the Perfect Shot of Espresso

Whether you're an experienced barista or a home espresso machine user you may struggle to pull the perfect espresso shot. There are many contributing factors and if you're new to the espresso world you'll definitely go through a bunch of coffee and bad shots. After decades in the business we have a couple of tips to improve your chances of making the perfect shot of espresso.

Firstly lets define what the World Barista Championship Rules and Regulations specify as espresso:

  • 1 fl oz
  • No additives
  • Brew temp from 90.5-96°
  • Brewing pressure 8.5-9.5 bars
  • Extraction time between 20-30 seconds

Selecting the Right Coffee for Espresso

Depending upon your skill level selecting the right coffee for your espresso can vary. We'll assume that you're just getting your feet wet with your new machine and say that the best espresso coffee would be a blend. Due to the balance within the coffee, the coffee is more forgiving allowing a brew temperature that's varried with limited fluctuation in flavor. We prefer using our Black Pearl Espresso. This exclusive blend developed by our friend at Coffee Lab International, Mané Alves, it is one of the best espresso blends we have ever developed. We love our single origins as much as the next guy but to reduce the stress shot-to-shot try our Black Pearl and we're sure it will have everyone loving what you pull.

Best Espresso Machines for Espresso Based Drinks

Weight vs. Volume

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The Perfect Grind

Tamping Your Grounds


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