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Doser or Doserless Espresso Grinder

For everyone who considers coffee a religion – your beans are most important. Finding the best espresso grinder is an obvious second as your key to the best tasting coffee. The debate between the two types of espresso grinders seems to be a battle over preference. In our opinion though, choosing the best espresso grinder is about the application. In general, an on-demand, or doserless grinder, is best as a home espresso grinder. For a commercial espresso grinder, the doser is best due to its consistency. However, five main factors will affect your personal choice. The price, consistency, volume, freshness, and cleanliness are all items to consider.


Shopping for an espresso grinder you’ll notice that there is a difference in price, but it might not be apparent why. Due to their higher complexity doser espresso grinders are generally more expensive. The completely separate set of moving parts to dose contribute but in most cases isn’t a deciding factor.


Consistency is key to any recipe, and it couldn’t be more imperative to pulling a shot of espresso. Your espresso grinder is one of the keys to consistent shots: consistent grounds means consistent coffee. Getting the same amount of coffee may be the most critical factor of all when selecting between your doser or doserless coffee grinders. The primary reason some choose the doser espresso grinder is that it assists them in getting the same amount of grinds every time. Every time the grinder turns on, it turns off when it reaches the designated volume. The argument against this is that different coffee beans yield different results when grinding and that a doserless and weighing your coffee is the most accurate way of maintaining consistency across every brew or shot to shot.


Think about a busy café where staff, the coffee beans, and many other factors are changing. All variables that are affecting the product that’s coming out of the coffee shop every day. Now – you’re the customer…do you expect the same product? I bet you do! In high-volume situations a doser coffee grinder is commonplace and a better bet to maintain consistent grind amounts. The on-demand espresso grinder helps maintain consistency in a high-volume coffee house. In this case, you get the same grind every time without the added step of having to weigh coffees.


In the coffee industry and broadly the food industry freshness is vital! When you’re selecting between a doser or doserless espresso grinder, this is no exception. Your doserless coffee grinder is always going to argue for maintaining greater freshness than a doser coffee grinder. There is nowhere for any excess coffee grinds to get trapped like is a doser.


As soon as you add more parts to any appliance, you increase the difficulty in the cleaning process. With your dosed grinder it couldn’t be more the case with the oily and fragmented piece of the coffee bean within a doser. The grounds container and the entirely separate set of moving parts means you have a little bit more work to do to wash away residue and oil to keep your doser coffee grinder’s parts moving unimpeded and your coffee maintain ultimate freshness.

When it comes to selecting a doser or doserless coffee grinder, it’s ultimately a debate of preference and application. For the home user, we would suggest using a doserless grinder for ultimate control and to end any freshness concerns as you aren’t running as much coffee through the coffee grinder. In a commercial setting it’s hard to argue with consistency concerns with a doserless coffee grinder, and due to the volume, a café or commercial setting is producing there isn’t as much of a freshness concern.

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