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Brew With French Press

As the saying goes, when in France do as the French do. Well, we’re not in France but you should definitely do as the French do when it comes to making coffee with a French Press. Some say that this classic coffee brewing method produces the best coffee with its rich and bold, yet clean taste. One of the reasons that the French Press brews such a great cup of coffee is because the concentrated, complex flavors of the beans are revealed when the water is in contact with the grounds for the entire brew process. In addition, the filtration that occurs with the plunger creates a much cleaner taste then the traditional brewing method, which uses paper filters. There are only a few simple steps that need to be followed in order to produce that great cup of coffee. It’s important to first preheat the press by filling it with hot water, placing the top on and then pressing the plunger all the way down. This not only allows for temperature stability but it also ensures a hot cup of coffee. You will then want to grind the best, fresh and locally roasted coffee from Chris’ Coffee to a coarse grind that resembles the texture of breadcrumbs. The amount of coffee that is ground is dependent on the size of the French Press that you are brewing with. It is recommended to use about 2 tbs. of coffee for every 6 oz. of water. Add the grounds and fill the press about half way with hot water (200 – 204 F) and allow for the coffee to bloom for 1 minute. Use a spoon to then break the crust of the bloomed coffee and pour in the remaining hot water. Place the plunger on the top of the press and wait four minutes, not three and a half, not five, but four! Once those long, time standing still, four minutes has passed you can now press down on the plunger in order to filter the grounds to the bottom. You may now serve & enjoy!

Although this may seem like a simple brewing method, there are a few things that we as humans can do to screw this up. The most common mistake is not properly grinding the coffee. If you grind your coffee too coarse then you will notice that the plunger will press down with little to no resistance, end result – watered down coffee. If you grind your coffee too fine you might embarrass yourself if around others and you are struggling to press down on the plunger, end result – muddy coffee. Another common brewing mistake is not using the correct coffee to water ratio, so do a little research if you’re not the best at measurements. Lastly, you do not want to leave coffee in the French Press once it is brewed because the coffee will continue to brew which leaves you with bitter, over extracted coffee – yuck. If you are able to avoid these common mistakes then you are sure to have one of the best tasting cups of coffees each and every time.


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