Monday, August 15, 2016

Barista Series Volume 1: But First, Coffee

"But First, Coffee"

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MacKenzie at Chris' Coffee will fill your espresso cup with helpful facts and techniques to make the most of your espresso experience!

The first thing to consider when making your espresso is simply your coffee choice. Taste being individual you may prefer a light, medium, or dark roast coffee for your espresso. Buying from a reputable and recognized roaster (like Chris' Coffee of course!) will ensure you are getting the fresh coffee you need. Remember, however, to save the bubbles for your champagne! Too fresh a coffee with result in espresso with too much gas and bubbles and not the smooth, strong flavor of espresso.

The ultimate goal for your delicious espresso is to have the famous 3 layers (pictured above): the heart which is the very bottom of the espresso should typically be a deep brown color. The heart contains the bitterness that will provide a balance to the sweet crema. The middle layer is the body and is typically caramel brown in color. The top layer is the crema and is typically thin and foamy with a golden brown color. This top later holds the sweet flavor notes as it contains concentrated sugars and oils.



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