Thursday, October 29, 2015

Custom Wood Panels for La Marzocco GS3!

Article Written By:
MacKenzie Nachtrieb

Our master craftsman, Ward of the Wood, decided to tackle the challenge of making La Marzocco panels for us. To his surprise they were even easier to build, and assemble, than the Spaziale panels!

The quality of these gorgeous wooden accents is second to none. They have a certain wow factor to them, that will have your friends and family left drooling in your kitchen.

What sets ours apart from others is the fact that we not only offer a variety of wood to choose from, but we also attach the La Marzocco logo right on each panel so that recognizable brand name doesn't get overlooked in the beauty of the panels themselves.

We will be offering these panels in Walnut and Mahogany!



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