Monday, September 14, 2015

Introducing the NEW Quick Mill Anita Evo!

Built exclusively for Chris' Coffee Service 
Post by: MacKenzie Nachtrieb

MAP Price $1,695

We have been carrying the Quick Mill Anita machine for just about 10 years now, and during the recent 'Evolution' the Anita Evo was born! We have been very happy with the features and functionality of the original Anita for so long that most of the upgrades made are cosmetic. The Anita Evo is a compact, commercial grade espresso machine with steam power that will not quit. It really is the perfect machine for anyone looking to up their espresso game at home.  

With it's beautiful and timeless E61 group, large steam boiler, and fantastic fit and finish it's hard to find anything wrong with this machine. The Anita Evo will deliver a rich, creamy shot of espresso time and time again. 

External Changes:
-       New outer shell
-       Non compression steam and hot water valves
-       No burn steam arm and hot water wand
-       More discrete placement of logo
-       New placement of pressure gauges
-       New placement of on/off switch and indicator lights
-    New style drip tray with 50 + oz. capacity
-    New 2 Hole Steam Tip

Internal Changes:
-       Pulsar, which helps cut back noise from vibratory pump
-       Tube from expansion valve now releases into drip tray

 NOTE - All of our Quick Mills now have a boiler drain with an access port from the bottom of the machine.

Included with Anita Evo:
Back flush disk
1 Single spout portafilter with insert basket
1 Double spout portafilter with insert basket 
$75 Gift Card - Our gift to you! 

Suggested Items To Purchase With The Machine:

1. E61 Precision Bottomless  (Blog post coming soon on the advantages of using a bottomless)

Take $100 off by using coupon code QM100 

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