Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heat Exchanger Machine vs Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Home espresso machines may produce the same delicious beverages, but the mechanics involved can vary from one machine to the next. Two popular types of coffee makers that can extract espresso and steam milk at the same time are double boiler espresso machines and heat exchanger espresso machines.

Here we’ll explain how these two types of home espresso machines compare and contrast.

The Boiler of a Heat Exchanger Machine vs. Double Boiler Espresso Machines

As the name suggests double boiler espresso machines have two boilers, whereas a heat exchanger machine only has one. This is the most obvious difference between the types of machines, yet both can produce the very high temperatures needed for steam and the below boiling temperatures needed for quality espresso.

Heat Exchanger Espresso Machines

A heat exchanger espresso machine like the Andreja Premium from Quick Mill keeps the water in the boiler at temperatures high enough to create steam. The cooler water needed for espresso is generated by the heat exchanger. It is a tube located within the boiler that draws cool water through the boiler, flash heating it and then channeling it to the grouphead.

Double Boiler Espresso Machines

On the other side of the coin are double boiler espresso machines like Quick Mill’s Vetrano 2B. The steam boiler is kept at a higher temperature for steam while the brew boiler is put at a lower temperature for the espresso. The boilers of this machine are typically larger compared to a heat exchanger boiler.

Benefits of Both Home Espresso Machines

Both designs are capable of the same functions and they have their unique advantages. Many coffee connoisseurs choose the Vetrano 2B and other double boiler espresso machines because they have better temperature control over both the steam and the brew. This allows users to make adjustments based on the type of coffee that’s being used. The brew boiler also recovers quicker, so making more than one espresso takes less time. Additionally, there is less flushing needed. You do have to flush the machine after it’s been sitting idle in order to get optimal results; however, the heat exchanger design requires flushing even if it’s been sitting idle for a short period of time.

The advantages of a heat exchanger espresso machine are all about quicker warm ups. Heat exchanger machines warm up faster than double boilers and are quicker to reach adjusted temperatures. Some also believe that, because the boiler of a heat exchanger machine is smaller, the water is fresher.

Both types of machines are capable of producing high quality espressos, cappuccinos and lattes right in your own home. The benefits vary so consider all the options before deciding which type of home espresso machine will work best for you.


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