Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Andreja Premium by Quick Mill Review

The Andreja Premium is an impressive prosumer home espresso machine from Quick Milll. The Italian maker understands how to blend form and functionality into one with their machines and the Andreja Premium is no exception. Using the ever-popular E61 grouphead, this heat exchanger coffee machine has long been a favorite for those that like the beverages they enjoy at home to be just as high in quality as those they get from fine coffee shops.

Product Features for the Andreja Premium Home Espresso Machine

How to Keep Espresso Beans Fresh for as Long as Possible

Coffee beans are at their peak 24-72 hours after roasting and should generally be used within 7-10 days of purchase. However, anyone who has purchased fresh coffee beans knows that sometimes they are not consumed within that time frame. So what’s a coffee drinker to do? Knowing some basic tricks for keeping coffee beans fresh can help you preserve your coffee investment and enjoy delicious cups of coffee for months to come. Where else to learn these tricks except from your friends at Chris’ Coffee?

Vetrano 2B by Quick Mill Review

Quick Mill’s new Vetrano 2B is a home espresso machine that enables anyone to create restaurant quality espressos and cappuccinos. It’s packed with impressive features yet is simple and small enough to work perfectly in a home or office.

Features of the Vetrano 2B Home Espresso Machine

Heat Exchanger Machine vs Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Home espresso machines may produce the same delicious beverages, but the mechanics involved can vary from one machine to the next. Two popular types of coffee makers that can extract espresso and steam milk at the same time are double boiler espresso machines and heat exchanger espresso machines.

Here we’ll explain how these two types of home espresso machines compare and contrast.