Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Single Boiler and Heat Exchanger Machines

The Difference Between Single Boiler and Heat Exchanger Machines

If you’ve been trying to decide between a single boiler and a heat exchanger espresso machine, we’re here to help you figure it out. We’ll give you the buzz on what makes each of these machines unique and help you decide which one will work best for your needs.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Review: The New Vetrano 2B Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

New Vetrano 2B Dual Boiler Espresso Machine Delivers

The new Vetrano 2B from Quick Mill is a dual boiler espresso machine (https://www.chriscoffee.com/Vetrano-2B-p/db995.htm) made especially for home use. There are a number of dual boiler machines on the market so we took a closer look to see how the Vetrano 2B stacked up against the competition.

Aesthetics of the Vetrano 2B Double Boiler Espresso Machine

The Vetrano 2B is a super stylish machine that will definitely stand out on your countertop. Quick Mill was going for a wow-factor with the all stainless steel exterior. If that wasn’t enough flash, they also added blue LED lights that run vertically up both sides of the front of the machine. However, if the LED lights aren’t your style, they can be turned off with the flip of a switch.
It’s a fairly compact machine that has a lot going on, but, for the experienced espresso maker, it’s not overwhelming. All-in-all the Vetrano 2B has a streamlined and sleek design that will look great in your kitchen.

Brewing Compared to the Best Double Boiler Espresso Machines on the Market

Delicious coffee is the only must for an espresso machine, and the Vetrano 2B delivers nicely. Of course, a lot of it depends on the barista, but this machine makes the process easy. Achieving a superior espresso shot time after time has been simplified and takes only 25 seconds for a 2oz. double shot. They even provide brewing and milk steaming tips in the user’s manual to help you perfect the final product.
All of the mechanisms passed the quality tests. The portafilter locks in easily and the levers move smoothly. This latest model also has a dual PID controller which not only controls the group boiler temperature but also the steam boiler temperature as well. No mechanical pressure stat to fail. On the steam boiler side there is a limit therefore there is no way you can accidentally set it too high.
The Vetrano 2B gives users all the standard benefits of using a dual boiler espresso machine and then some.

Extra Features

Here are a few more high points we noted when testing out the Vetrano 2B:
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a cup warmer
  • Slits for LED lights allow for extra cooling for the electronics
  • Resettable hi-limits to protect the heating elements
  • No cooling flush is needed 
  • Easily adjustable rotary pump
  • Ability to direct plumb or run of the resevour
  • Can run on a 15 amp circuit or a 20 amp circuit for maximum performance
  • No Burn steam arm
  • Large stainless steel drip tray
Final Thoughts: With the Vetrano 2B, Quick Mill has built a solid espresso machine, turning the original Vetrano heat exchanger machine into one of the best looking and performing double boiler machines on the market today. It brews quality espresso as well as the best commercial double boiler espresso machines out there, and it has stylish looks that would look great in any kitchen.